5 Easy Backyard Projects

You want to upgrade your backyard living space, but you are bereft of serious amounts of time and/or money. Take a weekend or just a Saturday and tackle one of these projects.

Build a firepit
This may not seem easy, but once you get past all the heavy stone lifting and minimal digging, it’s a cinch. You can buy a kit online that will show you, step-by-step, how to create a beautiful firescape in your backyard. Or you can wing it. That might be more fun. Gather up any rocks you have around the yard, clear a spot, level the ground and mortar those suckers into a glorious stone shrine to the flames. Or just by one of those kits.

Plant Privacy Bushes
This one actually is easy. You can buy 3-4 foot evergreen trees for around 60-70 bucks and plant them along your fence line. It will take years for them to grow tall enough for privacy purposes, but the maintenance is minimal and the initial work investment is one sweaty afternoon of getting acquainted with your shovel.

Stain Your Deck
Bringing your deck back to life could do wonders for your property value. And it can pop for potential buyers in the same way that a fresh paint job in the kitchen will. The sanding will be a bit of a drag, but if you can rent a power sander from a big-box home improvement store, that will help. Once you get through the sanding, an elongated roller will help save your back and get the deck looking new again in an afternoon. Depending on the size of your deck, obviously.

Plant a Garden
It can be as simple as a 4 by 4 foot patch of dirt, enclosed by chicken wire. Find some gardening sites, buy some seeds, maybe a couple of already cultivated plants and get gardening. Tomatoes, peppers and a small collection of herbs are a good place to start. Even a row of tubers like turnips or potatoes can be relatively simple. Just get digging and you can have fresh vegetables and a nice conversation piece for your next backyard barbecue. Or, if you can’t stand being engrossed in the dirt, find an old hanging closet shoe organizer, fill with soil and never buy herbs again.

Powerwash Your House
This one is super simple. Grab one of those extenders for your garden hose and blast away at that grimy siding. Or borrow your neighbor’s/cousin’s/friend’s compressor and dial up the pressure a bit. Then you can tackle the blacktop or your newly refurbished deck.

If none these projects catch your eye, check out these other 53. You’ll probably find one you like in there. If not, you might not be a backyard-project kind of person. I mean, seriously, that link has 53 projects. 53! And the first one is a giant Scrabble board. Pretty cool, huh?