10 Most Doable Projects From Family Handyman Magazine

When you buy a house, chances are you start dreaming of running through the tool aisle at Home Depot, filling your cart with all the Tim Allen-approved power tools you can can get your hands on. Ready to start demoing and painting and drywalling and sawing, you see visions of HGTV-esque open floor plans and wainscotting and crown moulding really giving a nice accent to your humble abode.

Then you run into a problem. You are not the most capable handyman. And all those ambitious DIY projects you sketched out as you went through the closing process? They all turned out to be bigger time sucks than you anticipated. So, it is time for a reality check.

Time to page through or click through the indispensable Family Handyman. The magazine and website are full of step-by-step, doable home improvement projects even the most novice of homeowners can tackle.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 most doable projects from Family Handyman.

Plumbing Projects From Family Handyman

1 Securing Your Seat

Nothing is worse than a loose toilet seat when you plop down to do your business. The lack of stability is off-putting and performance altering. Luckily the fixes for a wonky toilet seat are simpler than almost any project on this list.

2  Stop The Drip

Fixing the kitchen faucet is actually easier than you might think. If you have some basic wrenches, locking pliers and the willingness to visit the hardware store with the rusted out parts you find in the innards of your sink, you can probably handle a small leak. Just let the Family Handyman or the trusted DIY source of your choosing be your guide.

3 Get Ahead Of Those Clogs

The best DIY maintenance is the preventative kind. Getting out ahead of a potential problem is much easier and cheaper than calling in the pros to clean up after a pipe starts leaking. Trust me: I had friends that dealt with a constantly clogged upstairs bathtub drain by pouring Pequa (the strong stuff, a few levels above Drano) into the problem for a few years. They ended up with a pinhole leak in a pipe above the ceiling over their stove and $1,000 plumbing and re-drywall job to fix it.

Electrical Projects From Family Handyman

4 Super Simple Outdoor Lights

This deck lighting install project from the Family Handyman is probably the simplest job on this list, because you don’t have to hardwire anything in. And you get beautiful lighting for a summer’s night out grilling with friends.

5 Replacing An Outlet

To get a little more advanced, you can tackle replacing an electrical outlet. This requires some study and very important safety measures. Be sure you know how to turn off the power to the outlet that you are working on.

6 Let There Be Light

And if you can tackle the outlet project, it might be time to see if you can handle adding in a light fixture where there was no light fixture before. It can be immensely satisfying to build your DIY skills by carefully learning how to do simple electric jobs. Plus, you can save quite a bit of cash by not calling in the electrician every time you need a small job done.

Get Organized Projects From Family Handyman

7 Above And Beyond Cabinets

Those of you with culinary aspirations know how hard it is to store all your pots and pans in your kitchen. And the lower cabinets can be torturous on your back and knees, especially if you cook a lot. Thus, the overhead pot rack is the perfect weekend project to add some functionality and character to your kitchen.

8 Basic Build

As you expand your DIY repertoire, you can get some much needed practice and workspace by building your own wooden workbench. It may look daunting, but once you read through the step-by-step from the Family Handyman, you should be more than ready to take on the project.

9 No Tools Required!

If your clothes are always all over the place and strewn about your master bedroom, taking steps to organize your closet can give you peace of mind and less stress every day. And this job is so simple it just requires some space on your bed and time to parse through your sartorial collection.

10 Keepin’ It Clean

The single most important aspect for feeling comfortable in your home is having a clean house. But cleaning every nook and cranny can take more time out of your day than you want. So check out these 13 quick cleaning tips from the Family Handyman.

Now that you have these DIY, organizing and cleaning projects under your belt, you can explore the possibility of finding a new house. All Shores is always here to help. Contact us to see how we can get the mortgage conversation started.